CCTV cameras - Photo by Josh Koonce @ Flickr

As a homeowner, it’s important for you to make sure you look after your home.

You need to take measures to ensure that your property has safety and security systems in place. This could be anything simple like making sure you have locks on your windows and doors. Or it could be more in-depth stuff like setting cameras in place to watch your property.

There are a lot of options you can take to make sure your home is safe and secure. You need to feel that you can go out and leave your property secure. Here are some of the best security measures you can take to make your home more safe and secure. Some of these will be things you may already have in your property, and some will be optional extras for additional security.


One of the foremost security features you might want to make sure you have in your home is a CCTV system. This may seem extreme if you just live in a regular house in the suburbs with a close-knit community. But if you have a large home or you’re security conscious you might think about installing a CCTV security system. This will be perfect for preserving your peace of mind as well as ensuring your home. It also means that you can sleep safe at night without worrying about the risk of burglary. CCTV home systems can be quite complex to set up, but it’s a good bet you could find someone to install one for you for a decent price.


Another way to protect your home and make sure it’s a safe environment is to have an alarm. Almost all homes nowadays will have alarms built in when you move into the property. Different types of alarms serve different options and have different functions they perform. Some of them will be motion sensors, and others are more complex. There are many different facets of home alarm systems. You might feel it’s time to call a company and get your system upgraded. You’ll need to set a pin code for your alarm system. This should be something that will be memorable, but not too obvious that anyone will be able to guess it. Make sure you test the alarm on a regular basis to ensure it’s doing its job. You can also adjust the volume of the alarm. This is particularly useful if you are away for a long period. If you set the volume as loud as possible you increase the chance that your neighbours will hear should it go off. Think about giving a spare key to a trusted friend or neighbour so someone can come over and check the alarm should it go off if you’re not there.

Double Glazing

One of the basic level security features that you should already have in your home is double glazing. The majority of modern homes will already have double glazing installed. The exception to this rule will be listed buildings where changes aren’t permitted. If your home isn’t a listed building and you don’t yet have double glazing, you need to get it. Double glazing will add security features to your home by making it more difficult to get into. It will also preserve the warmth in your home and cut down on heating costs as an added bonus. Many double glazing firms will be able to fit out your entire property with double glazed windows and doors with ease.

Balcony railings

Balcony Railings

If you have a large place or you have a balcony, you will need to take security measures to be sure the balcony isn’t hazardous. If you have one, it’s likely you will have railings up as a health and safety precaution. If you have a large home and there is often work taking place then you might want to consider safety mechanisms. Depending on the layout, you might need to do some fall arrest systems testing in the event that work might be done up high. It will be important to protect yourself and others against injury. A balcony can be a welcome addition to any home. Think about having a breathtaking view to wake up to every morning. You can enjoy a cup of coffee on your personal balcony. Just make sure it’s as safe as it can be.

Bolt Locks

Your front door will often be the first line of security defence for your home. As a result, it’s important to make sure you have a proficient locking system on your front door. You might want to think about having several locks on your front door. The best option here might be to get a bolt lock mechanism. This will add security to your front door. Bolt locks are notoriously difficult to break into so by having one on your front door you make it much more secure. But you’ll need to make sure you lock each lock every time you leave the house otherwise the extra security locks will be pointless.


A basic and subtle way to add security to your property is to add a fence if there isn’t one already. The fence will act as a border to your property, providing you with security and privacy. You might think about customising and building your own fence, or you might want to buy the fence and assemble it. If you are going to add a fence to your home, you may want to think about painting and weather proofing it. You will need your fence to last for years, so it needs to be as durable as possible. If you make sure you use paint or sealant right away you should find it’s low maintenance after that.


A gate is one of the fundamental security measures for any home. If you are serious about adding security to your property, then it’s a good bet you’ll probably start at the basic level of a gate. This could be a garden gate or even a front gate. Though a garden gate is more common a front gate is likely to add more security to your property. Front gates are often used on large homes with big driveways. For safety and security purposes, you might want to think about installing a front gate with a security intercom.