How To Tailor Furnishing For Student Accommodation - Bedding

For the majority of students, flying the nest and attending university is both an exciting and daunting prospect, especially as it is one of the first times of their life that they are expected to stand on their own two feet.

However, it certainly helps if their student digs are equipped with everything they need to make the transition as comfortable and hassle-free as possible.

And, although students are far from demanding when it comes to the quality of their living space, recent accommodation trends for student living have revealed there is a shifting of  attitudes and expectations surrounding the comfort and quality of student accommodation.

This means that, for both students and their parents, home comforts such as bathroom, bedding and kitchen essentials are ranked higher on their tick list than ever before when they consider suitable accommodation.

So with increased competition within the student accommodation sector, along with a growing demand for accommodation equipped with home comforts, it certainly pays to ensure that you tailor your buying from linen suppliers so that you attract and meet the requirements of the next generation of students.

We’ve taken a look at how to tailor your buying for your students.

Buying bedding essentials

How To Tailor Furnishing For Student Accommodation - Mitre Linen Regency Bed Runner.

The good news is that you can you can buy specialist student bedding packs that contain everything you need in one simple pack, making the process quick, easy and hassle free.

Designed to make the buying experience easier and more cost effective, each pack contains a number of bedding projects that students in your care will require throughout their university life.

Just because you are purchasing a number of items in a pack, doesn’t mean that you will need to compromise on quality – far from it! Each pack tends to contain a high quality duvet, bed sheet, pillow, duvet cover and pillowcase.

With trends pointing towards a desire for luxury and comfort, you can even buy quality-focused packs that have been designed to inject elements of hotel luxury into a student university experience, such as beautiful, high quality bed runners.

Buying bathroom essentials

How To Tailor Furnishing For Student Accommodation - Bath Towels

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Again, when you’re buying in bulk, it can certainly pay to invest in specially designed student packs, especially when it comes to bathroom essentials.

This will not only allow you to ensure that all students have everything they need, it is also one of the most straightforward and efficient ways to optimise the comfort of student accommodation.

This is because the majority of student bathroom essential packs contain everything students need to bathe, wash and relax in optimum comfort.

Featuring essentials such as 100% cotton towelling, face cloths and a handy bath mat, you will be able to invest in the essentials that could sway parents and students when it comes to choosing accommodation that meet and exceed their expectations.

And the majority of companies even offer the opportunity to upgrade your bathroom essentials pack so that you can purchase additional items like luxurious microcotton Turkish towelling, bathrobes and slippers.

You can even choose selected colourways to complement and enhance your existing colour scheme.

Those little extras that make a huge difference  

For many students living away from home and all of the comforts they are used to, little extras such as mattress and pillow protectors can make all the difference for optimising the comfort and cleanliness of a student accommodation.

But that’s not all – a mattress and pillow protector will also prolong the life of your bedding essentials by protecting them from stains, accidental spills and daily wear and tear.

And most importantly, the hygiene measures you have in place are a huge selling point when it comes to attracting the next cohort of students.