Evelyn Flint

If your home is looking a little dull and outdated, you might just need to add a fresh lick of paint to give it a new lease of life.

However, we can’t always afford to have a professional decorator come in and give a room a lick of paint for us. Saying that, we don’t want a shoddy paint job either! So what can we do? This post will help you to paint any room like a professional!

Make Sure You Have a Set of Quality Brushes

The better the quality of your brushes, the better your strokes and the overall finish will look.

You don’t have to spend hundreds though. Simply make sure you keep your brushes in great condition by cleaning them after use and storing them properly.

Read reviews online to learn what the best paint brushes are.

Make sure you have brushes of different sizes to do different jobs. You’ll need a larger brush for larger areas, and a smaller brush to add detailing in the corners.

Protect The Floor and Furniture

You need to protect the floor and furniture from paint, because no matter how careful you are you’ll get little splatters everywhere. Use old sheets to cover up important objects.

Use Tape to Get Straight Lines

Use masking tape along your skirting boards and the ceiling to help you get a straight line when painting.

Again, no matter how careful you are you’ll never get it perfect. A wobbly line doesn’t look very professional! You can simply peel the tape off when dry.

Smooth The Wall

Before you go splashing the paint all over the wall, smooth it down first with a sander and perhaps some filler to get rid of holes and dents. A smooth wall will leave you with a lovely canvas to paint.

Make Sure You Have a Paint Suitable for The Room

There are different kinds of paint, so you’ll need a type suitable for the room. For example, bathrooms require a paint that is resistant to moisture and steam. If you’re unsure ask an employee at the home improvement store.

Paint in One Direction

Painting in one direction will leave you with a better finish, so don’t just try to get it all on any old how for quickness. An up-down kind of motion is usually best.

Apply Thinly

Don’t apply the paint too thickly, as it will take ages to dry. Apply thinly at first, even if the colour underneath is quite dark. You’ll regret it later if you don’t!

Leave to Dry Between Coats

Leave your paint to dry for around 2-4 hours in between coats, but read the instructions to be sure. You’ll usually only need around 3 thin coats, but it depends on the colour underneath.

If this all sounds too much for you now, you have other options. For example, robs-decorators.co.uk are reliable painters in North London that you could get a quote from.

If you do decide to give this a go yourself, follow the steps precisely and you’ll love your new room!