​In today’s rocky economic climate, most homeowners look for ways in which they can save money. One of the best ways to save money is to complete projects without hiring expensive contractors. Additionally, homeowners also look for ways in which they can increase the value of their homes.

Recently, many homeowners have resorted to installing new siding on their homes. Not only does the siding give the home a more modern look, but it also allows potential buyers to see that the home has been well-maintained. Although most home improvement stores will install this siding at an expensive price, homeowners can save money by installing it by themselves. By following the five tips listed below, siding can be installed in one weekend.

Tip 1

First, it is extremely important that the home is prepared for installing the siding. Preparation includes making sure that the outside of the home is clean and free of any cracks. If there are cracks, they must be repaired with some type of caulking. By repairing the cracks, you will also be taking important steps to save on energy costs.

Tip 2

The second tip in installing siding is to make sure it is level. If any piece of the siding is not level, then all other pieces will fail to be level as well. In order to make sure the siding is level, you must use a starter strip.

Tip 3

A third tip to installing siding is to make sure that it is not installed too tightly. When the siding gets too tight, it will begin to bend; therefore, the siding will look bad overall. In order to prevent the likelihood of installing the siding too tightly, it is important that each nail goes into the nailing slots. Manufacturers have put these nailing slots into place because it helps the installers to know exactly where the nails should go. By following the guidelines on the nail slots, not only will the siding installation look nice, but it will also be much easier to install.

Tip 4

Even though the siding will be placed all around the home, it is best to begin with the back of the home. The back of the home will usually not be seen by people who drive by; therefore, if you have any mistakes, you can easily correct them. Additionally, by beginning at the back of the home, the installer can learn how to correctly install the siding before moving onto the front of the home.

Tip 5

Whenever there is some type of natural disaster, one of the first things to blow off from the home is the siding. In order to help eliminate this potential problem, it is best to use studs during the installation process. The studs will help to make the siding more secure. Occasionally, it may be difficult to locate the studs. If this happens, you can purchase a stud finder from any type of home improvement store. Also, if you gently tap on the side of the home, you can also locate the studs. The sound of the studs will be different than the empty space found between the studs. After you have located the studs, you will need to mark the location with a permanent marker.

Siding is one of the most popular materials used to increase a home’s value and its beauty. Although some homeowners are still using aluminium and wood siding, siding is still extremely important. Once the siding is installed, the homeowners will notice a decrease in their energy costs, but most importantly, they will see that their homes stand out from all the other homes in their neighbourhood.