Burnout in gardening is probably one of the things you least expect when you decided to follow your passion in gardening.

Gardening is therapeutic and relaxing so it raises the question – how are people suffering burnout? Burnout in gardening is actually quite common. This then means your garden is unattended and all the effort you’ve put into making your garden look as amazing as it does will be lost.

Here are a few ways to avoid burnout when gardening.

Change Your Gardening Routine

If you fall into the habit where you get up early in the morning, work out, eat breakfast, water plants and do some garden clearance, then it’s easy to fall into what they call burnout. When you follow the same schedule day in, day out you ultimately get sick and tired of the routine. It is 100% fine to give yourself a break from the boredom of such a routine and live life with no rules and the way you want.

No one is saying that you should completely dismiss gardening as a routine, but give yourself some time and rearrange your day, so that it feels like a fresh and new routine. If you garden in the summer day time, when it is sticky and hot outside, change it to the late evening when the clouds are up in the sky and it’s a little chilly.

Get a Gardening Partner

You don’t have to force anyone to begin a gardening journey nor do you have to feel shy in asking someone to join in on your passion.  A polite request never hurt anyone. If there’s anyone who is interested they will happily join you and help you gather the motivation you need in planting, cultivating, watering, growing, nurturing, tending, etc. It’s a great way to connect as you can make conversations while you’re working and add a bit of fun by turning on your favourite songs to sing along to while gardening. On the other hand, you can always get the help of a gardener to do the work for you.

Be Generous

If you have an abundance of harvest from your vegetable garden and you worry about eating them before they turn bad, then start sharing with your neighbours. Not only will this act of generosity encourage you to plant more crops, but will also enable you to build friendships with your neighbours. Eventually, this will bring the colours of joy back in gardening.

Learn To Let Go

If the browning of plants is what demotivates you, then you must learn to step back and accept you can’t do everything. There are numerous other options to explore, one being remove all the decayed plants and grow new ones. Do not lose hope, if you’re continuously trying to grow a particular plant that simply doesn’t want to flourish, except it wasn’t meant to be and start experimenting with other plants that are bound to thrive and bloom.