When deciding how we would make our office look more stylish and inviting, we decided that we wanted to chose a coffee table with a difference.

The Zespoke collection blew myself and my partner away, as you can see from the pictures the tables look stunning. I especially love their smooth lines and minimal design, as they have a real retro feel to them.

Stylish & Funky Zespoke Coffee Tables

If you were also looking for a product that is made within the UK, Zespoke definitely fit the bill, as each item is expertly hand crafted within the United Kingdom.

Stylish & Funky Zespoke Coffee Tables

You don’t have to choose a design that everyone else has either, as Zespoke offers 40 different colours. For example the picture above has a white gloss outside, a white gloss inside and black gloss sides.

You can go with this design, or be adventurous and design your own with the 40 colours, plus you have even further choices regarding whether you add feet, a back shelf  or you could even add a glass shelf.

Stylish & Funky Zespoke Coffee Tables

My partner’s favourite design is the Graffiti coffee table, although we would of chosen legs.

Stylish & Funky Zespoke Furniture Review

It was a tough decision but we ended up choosing a coffee table with white gloss on the outside, white gloss sides and red gloss inside – it suits our office perfectly (see above).

If my partner had had his way, not only would he have wanted to ordered the Graffiti coffee table, he would have chosen a side table and a console table too, but unfortunately we do not have the space.

Overall we are really happy with the new coffee table that we ordered, it adds a great modern touch to the office, and we would definitely recommend it to our friends and readers.

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