In what remains one of the best loved tales for children and adults alike, The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, a child’s wardrobe leads the way to a magical fantasy land.

Whilst you may not be able to promise your children a whole new world beyond the doors of their wardrobe, you can make their bedroom look enchanting with these kids’ wardrobe ideas.

Paying attention to shape

How To Choose The Right Kids Wardrobe

A simple rectangular wardrobe with double doors can be handy, but there are plenty of other beautiful shape ideas out there.

Sloping roofed wardrobes look pretty quaint and cute, or if you are seeking to save space, the wardrobe can be integrated underneeath a bunk bed, with your child sleeping on the top bunk.

If you like, you can add a long curtain that is drawn over the wardrobe, or the sleeping area, or both.

Finishes, flourishes, and other details

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A highly polished dark wood wardrobe with a few carved scrolls or other flourishes has a classic feel to it, whilst mirrored doors look really charming (as well as being useful for testing out outfits for the day ahead).

Lighter woods like pine (a soft wood) and maple (a hard wood) tend to have beautiful natural grains and add a sense of airiness to the room. Teak, walnut, and rosewood have darker, sometimes purplish, grains that look more grandiose.

Alternatively, opt for an ultra modern wardrobe decorated with a bright colour scheme, or even with images of your child’s favourite cartoon or film characters.

Plain wardrobes can also be customised with temporary stickers and transfers – just in case your child’s favourite film, or their favourite colour, tends to change from year to year.

Wardrobes: more than just shelf space

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Wardrobes provided much needed shelving and storage space for your child’s bedroom. But they are also so much more than that.

They can really brighten up a bedroom and turn it into a delightful place to be. Teaching children to fold and look after their clothes, and encouraging them to express themselves by choosing their own outfits, is such a wonderful thing to do.

It’s so easy to buy kids wardrobes online, and there are so many brilliant wardrobes to choose from on the internet.

If your child’s clothing collection has started to burst out of their current chest of drawers, now could be the perfect time to explore new options and get them a great new wardrobe for their room.