When deciding on a coffee table you want a reliable yet stylish design. The table has to be tough as a table goes through a range of impacts including drinks spills and being knocked over.

It’s recommended not to go for the cheap option. One of the most reliable materials on the market for coffee tables is glass. Me and My Glass have 5 reasons why a glass tabletop is a perfect choice for your living room.

They are Safe

You may think that glass isn’t a suitable material to have as a coffee table, but you will be surprised to know how safe glass is. The glass used for coffee tables is a safety glass called toughened glass. It’s unlikely to smash and the glass has gone through a strengthening process. And even if it did smash, the glass breaks into little harmless pieces, so you pick it up the chances of you cutting yourself are very slim.

They are Durable 

As well as safe they are durable. The type of glass used on glass coffee tables is around 4-5 times stronger than any regular glass you may buy. The toughened glass can also be laminated.

Black glass coffee table with cup and saucer.

This provides a much stronger piece of glass. The surface is also scratch-resistant, making it the perfect surface to put cups, keys and more on to.

They are Easy to Replace

Even though glass is strong and durable accidents can happen. Glass breakage is highly unlikely but it can happen from time to time. When this type of glass breaks, it will break into hundreds of small pieces. This makes it safe and easy to clean up. When you can finish cleaning it up you will need to order a bespoke glass replacement. Luckily there are many glass replacement suppliers out there. 

They are Easy to Clean

Cleaning a glass table isn’t a problem at all. There is a range of specialist glass cleaners at most retailers.

Stylish appartment with green sofa and dark glass coffee table

These products are dedicated to cleaning glass so you are guaranteed a sparkling clean finish. If you haven’t got a glass cleaner, soapy water can be used. You can then wipe it off with a cloth or kitchen towel. 

They are Stylish 

The benefits we have mentioned up in till now have made glass practical and functional but glass also provides a stylish finish. Not only can you get clear glass you can get a vast amount of tints and colours. You can have black, red, yellow and even a grey tint. With this amount of colour range, you can pick a colour that matches any type of room colour you may have.

There you have it, the 5 reasons why you should buy a glass coffee table for your home. They are a practical, functional and stylish solution to put a cup of tea or coffee.