Some people treat their caravans as their home away from home.

Caravans should be as elegant and comfortable as our homes, as this method of transport provides us with a place to sleep when we travel without relying on an Airbnb or hotel, thus saving us a fortune when traveling. A convenient way of de-stressing after a long hectic work schedule would be a getaway using your caravan.

Let’s break down some furnishing upholstery styles on trend today for your caravan to make your travel more relaxing and comfortable.

Using patterned fabrics is the way to go for your caravan’s upholstery needs as it’s good at hiding marks. One thing to remember is that the material in a caravan will be used twice as much as the fabric in your home, as your caravan will be a place where you come in from the outside, eat your meals as well as socialise. Usually, in a home, you have more space or different living areas for the various activities you do as a family.

Let’s look at some fabrics that are currently on trend. Caravan styles have never been so important, partly due to the increase of people staycationing in the UK.

Chenille fabric is a popular material used for upholstery, as it’s so versatile. It’s almost like velvet in weight and considered the best upholstery fabric available on the market to use for different applications such as your caravan’s chairs, sofas, comforters, pillows and even bedding. 

Chenille material, in general, is known to have a stunning beautiful texture that will bring your caravan’s furnishing to the next level. You can use a hard-wearing chenille pattern on a sofa, but it may not be as comfortable to sleep on.

Interior of caravan/motorhome

Velvet fabrics tends to be on trend regardless of where it’s used for upholstering. It’s known to be quite expensive, but gives your caravan’s furnishing the most elegant and luxurious appearance, therefore well worth it. It also offers the most comfortability and durability. You have the choice of either plain velvet or crushed velvet for your caravan.

Velvet material can be made from natural fibres such as cotton or synthetic material, e.g., polyester. We tend to find more intricate designs in synthetic velvets like geometric and heavy damask, but that’s not to say cotton velvets aren’t available in a pattern.  

There are many different types of fabric perfect for your caravan’s upholstery at Yorkshire Fabric Shop. Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed or confused by all the choices available, as you can reach out to the experts for advice.

On trend or not, owners should also consider the suitability of the caravan’s upholstery. For example, if you have pets you will need to reconsider the fabric you use for your upholstery, as pets can claw at the material or cover it with muddy paw prints. Also, consider how much maintenance is needed to upkeep the furnishing.

Luckily, chenille and velvet fabrics are particularly durable, therefore it can easily be maintained without sacrificing the desired look. Making them the top choice of fabric for your caravan’s upholstery lasting years to come.