For some time now, towel warmers have grown beyond being merely recognized as ‘just another bathroom item’ – they are now seen by many as an essential addition.

Indeed, most homeowners today will make sure that their bathrooms include at least one towel warmer, and often more. So why the rise in popularity, and what has made towel warmers one of the hottest, must-have bathroom commodities on the market?

In truth, there are many benefits that accompany the installation of top quality towel warmers, and this article will examine each of them.

Of course, an obvious advantage provided by towel racks is their ability to keep towels and other clothing warm and dry – research indicates that damp towels left unattended can become an ideal habitat for germs and other forms of dangerous bacteria.

By making sure that your towels are always kept clean and dry, you can greatly minimize the risk of unwanted and unnecessary infections.

The installation of a quality towel warmer is the most obvious, simplest and easiest way to keep your towels in a clean and safe state at all times.

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You must be very wary, however, of choosing an ineffective towel warmer for your bathroom. As the popularity of towel racks and rails has grown, so too has the dearth of available options on the market, so selecting the perfect one for your bathroom can be a painstaking process in some instances.

Towel warmers are supplied in a wide variety of shapes, styles and designs, so you’re sure to find an ideal option for your exact requirements eventually – you just may need to be patient when searching, especially if you are a first-time buyer.

Performing an online search and a comparison of all available types of towel warmers is strongly recommended.

Choosing the Best Towel Warmers

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As you enter the process of choosing the best towel warmers, an important factor to consider is how your chosen components will be powered.

Different types of towel racks utilize different power sources and operate differently. Electric towel warmers, for example, are plugged into the ground fault track interrupters (GFCI) outlets.

Certain counterparts, meanwhile, are simply hardwired into the bathroom’s existing electrical system, whilst hydronic models are also connected to the main bathroom power source, and can be used as part of a furnace system.

The latter options, hydronic towel warmers, are easy to use and very effective in their operation. That said, they are also amongst the most expensive designs on the market, and whilst you need to select a towel rack to suit your power source, you should also choose an option that is within your budget.

Also, as obvious as it may seem, you should look to secure towel warmers which include an on/off power switch; there are plenty of appliances which don’t, so these types of towel racks are in constant operation and can adversely affect your home energy bills as a result.

It is also crucial to choose towel warmers that suit your bathroom design, meanwhile. Towel warmers are available in an extensive selection of timber, metal and glass finishes that are sure to enhance the look of your bathroom, or any other space within the house for that matter.

You also need to ensure that your towel rack features properly fitted bars. The heat output and overall effectiveness of your towel warmer will be determined by the arrangement of its bars.

The best towel warmers will include narrowly spaced bars, in turn offering the greatest levels of efficiency to warm your towels.