Creating the perfect bathroom requires finding a balance between looks and functionality.

In this guide we take a look at some of the key bathroom features and give you tips that could help steer you in the right direction.

Bathroom fixtures are some of the most significant parts of every bathroom design and include fixtures such as the bath, shower, sink and toilet.

With so many selections, ranging from modern to opulent to budget-friendly fixes, it may be daunting to know how to select the correct bathroom fixtures to meet your needs, whist sticking within budget and being happy with the finished project.

When planning your bathroom, the following are the four bathroom fixture trends and styles to take into consideration.


Bathroom Bliss: Tips For Selecting The Right Fixtures For Your Bathroom - Toilet - КУРОРТЫ Wine Bar St Petersburg - Image From Archi LoversIf you want to know how to select the right bathroom fixtures, toilets are the best place to start, they are basically the number one most essential bathroom fixture.

The toilet itself could cost anywhere between a few hundred pounds to several thousands, depending on the cost of the materials used to make the toilet you settle on, and how ornamental its design.

Tall commodes are in fashion since they are more comfortable for most adults and also more accessible to those who need assistance than the old shorter toilets.

You may think it’s just a toilet, but why not add a bit of style to the toilet as well as the rest of the bathroom. If that’s not to your taste, then add that extra something to the accessories and fittings. The image to the left shows how a small amount of colour and detail goes a long way.


Bathroom sink fixtures serve as a pivotal point, and they can be as colourful and ornate or minimal and simplistic as you desire.

Some people prefer the pedestal sinks which are space saving and timeless, or the deeper under mounted style with a beautiful bending faucet, that you can operate with one handle.

So, what is more important: how the sink works, or how it looks? That is entirely up to you!

The bowls of the pedestal sinks are available in traditional oval, oblong and rectangular shapes, and there are many materials utilised in making these bathroom plumbing fixtures including even glass.

The modern taps  are highly stylised and functional as well. You can also mount them to the wall instead of the traditional way of installing them, for a unique and modern-day stylistic twist.

TapsBathroom Bliss: Tips For Selecting The Right Fixtures For Your Bathroom - Wall Mounted Taps

Beside the water efficiency, the current taps are highly efficient with features such as integrated ceramic disks. The discs placed within the fixture assists with grinding away material that accumulates and causes leaks. The objective is less leaky repairs and greater sink durability.

When it comes to the style, you can have the taps mounted onto the sink itself, free standing or integrated within the wall.

However, if you’re also looking for extra storage within your bathroom how about fitting bathroom cabinets right up against your bathroom wall . The tap would then fit nicely on the sink and all the bathroom plumbing fixtures would be hidden within the cabinet, creating a more pleasing look.

Shower Fixtures

When it comes to knowing how to select the most suitable bathroom fixtures, you should take into consideration your requirements as well as your tastes.

If you are looking for a relaxing mist, then you should go for body sprayers placed in your shower. On the other hand, rain shower heads offer you that calm feeling as if your relaxing beneath a waterfall.

You should also consider the benefits of a wall mount, dual mount, handheld, or a combination of these shower fittings, as you might find certain ones are more suited to your requirements and taste.

Bathroom Bliss: Tips For Selecting The Right Fixtures For Your Bathroom - Shower

The best way to start selecting the above bathroom essentials is to pay a visit to a bathroom showroom where you will be able to see and try each item, and also ask questions.

A bathroom designer will direct you through the process of selecting each piece within the bathroom showroom, and if need be make recommendations, as it’s best to make use of the chance to talk to a professional who is up to date with current technologies and designs.

Keep the above list close at hand when you select your bathroom fixtures, and don’t just consider the aesthetics, consider the practical issues as well. For example do you want taps with a single hand control or separate knobs for cold and hot water?

The smaller items might seem unimportant,  but when designing your dream bathroom you want it to look as luxurious as possible, as this is the room to relax in and pamper yourself.

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