Often people mistakenly do not realise the importance of ceiling lights when it comes to creating a room with a great atmosphere.

Designers say that the first thing to consider when selecting ceiling lights is size – it is a great challenge to find the fixture which is not too big and not too small.

Speaking about the size we mean both diameter and height, but thankfully there is a very easy way to find the optimal diameter:

  1. Measure both length and width of the room.
  2. Add the results together – let’s say, the length is 10 feet and width is 7 feet, so altogether we get 17 feet.
  3. Replace feet for inches and you will get the optimal diameter. In our example the diameter should be about 17 inches.

This rule may also be applied to Regenbogen ceiling lights, but one should keep in mind that it cannot be used with larger rooms.

The height of the light fixture is determined in a similar way – measure the wall height and then multiply it by both the number  2.5 and 3 (there is not a strict rule here).

For instance, the wall height is 8 feet, so we can multiply it by 2.5 and 3 and get two numbers – 20 and 24. It means that the best height for your light fixture is between 20 and 24 inches.

Hanging height

Speaking about hanging height we should also consider the type of room. Let’s say, in a bedroom or a living room the basic rule is to keep at least seven feet between the bottom part of the fixture and the floor.

In the bathroom the clearance should be one more feet – the distance should be calculated between the top of the tub and the fixtures bottom.

If this is impossible due to the distance being shorter than suggested it is highly recommended to keep the clearance as big as possible.

A Few words about kitchen

When choosing lighting for a kitchen you should consider the shape of the kitchen furniture – by doing this you can make sure your kitchen looks stylish. A single chandelier or pendant light is a great choice if you have a simple round or square table.

Tables with elongated shapes – oval or rectangular – should be combined with multi light pendants or linear suspension.

We hope that these simple recommendations will help you find the best lighting solution for you house or apartment.

At least by following our tips you may rest assured that you will not be making design mistakes which could be difficult to correct further in the future.