Once you have settled into a routine in your house, it can be easy to forget your attic is there.

Perhaps you store some items up there, or perhaps it has been left untouched since you arrived. Either way, it can feel unlikely that you would ever get good use from it for anything other than storing old forgotten possessions.

However, if you fitted out your attic room you could have a whole new fabulous space to use.

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Insulating your loft can yield massive savings on your energy bills, as well as being good for the environment as you will require less energy to heat your home. Insulation s cheap and can be done professionally or on a do it yourself basis. The main requirement is that you ensure that the attic is dry before you start putting the insulation materials in, as certain materials if they get damp during the installation process will keep the damp in and cause further problems down the line.

There is advice on insulation available from the government and elsewhere online, and grants available for some households to have their insulation installed by the largest energy companies under the ECO scheme.

Loft conversion

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Converting your loft with good flooring can make a huge difference to your available floor space, your ability to store items, and potentially your whole lifestyle. It has never been easier to convert your loft, and companies such as Instaloft can do it in as little as a single day, using BBA approved loft boarding system to offer you a floor while ensuring that your insulation is not damaged. That way you can have both an expanse of new pleasant usable space, and the security of knowing your insulation will continue to save you money every day.

Choosing what to do with your new space

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Having a safe new area above your head, several choices now open up as to what you will use it for. It is easy in our hectic lives to find that we accumulate huge quantities of stuff, some of it useful, some sentimental, some that are used rarely (for example camping gear) or will be used in the future by your children (for example cots, spare furniture, or cutlery).

With these items, it is always worth asking whether you are sure they will be useful. Do not be afraid to donate bulky items or old clothes to a charity such as Mind or Barnardos. But for the items you what to hold on to and use in future without being blocked in, attic storage can be an excellent path forward.

Attic Office

If your attic space has a high roof or even a window, you might enjoy turning the space into an airy, light home office, freeing up space downstairs for the more domestic side of life, and letting you separate work and family time more effectively. Alternatively, it might be possible to create a playroom for your children upstairs, although make sure they are safe on the ladder or stairs up.

Loft conversion bedrooms can also be possible, but it is best to check with a fire safety inspector before going down this route. If you create a bedroom which does not fit modern fire safety codes, or if fire safety codes change after you construct it, then you may well find that it counts against the future valuation of your house.