Giving your living room a modern day makeover can add to its appeal and stop it from looking dull and outdated.

You don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune to do this either. This post will give you some great tips, so you can bring your living room back to the future. Let’s get started:

Use Colour Carefully

While you can still use a splash of colour here and there in a modern living room, you’ll find that using neutral colours looks much nicer in general. For big elements of the room, like the sofas and walls, I recommend you use colours such as black, white, cream, beige, and brown. If you like colour, add it in by using your accessories.

Use Interesting Textures and Finishes

Interesting textures and finishes will make a room look more appealing and give the eye more to focus on. You can use all kinds of materials; leather, suede, wood, PVC, marble, and more.

Experiment With Shapes

Different shapes will add extra interest to your living room and make it look fun. Some people think that the modern look is boring, but it doesn’t have to be with the use of unusual shapes! You can do this by selecting cool looking accessories, and even unusually shaped furniture. A great example is an acrylic nest of tables. You can use them to display all kinds of accessories in a more interesting way.

Install an Electric Fire

An electric fire looks very luxurious and has the added benefit of keeping you warm during winter time. It’s a great focal point of a room too, if you need something for guests to focus on!

Keep it Fresh

Keep things as fresh as possible. While the use of neutral colours is advisable, try not to use too many dark colours in your living room. A living room looks more appealing in general when you use fresh, light, bright whites and creams. Sheer materials on the curtains will let in even more light, making the room appear spacious and airy.

Add Greenery

Add some life to your living room with the help of greenery. Plants are great for any room in the home, as they help to clean the air. They also keep us healthier and happier in general, as they promote feelings of positivity.

Have High-Tech Equipment and Entertainment

No modern day living room is complete without some high-tech equipment and entertainment. The bigger the TV you can afford the better, but remember, big doesn’t necessarily mean quality. You might buy a huge TV, only to realise that the picture quality is rubbish. Try to buy the best TV for size and quality.

What are you waiting for? Use these tips to transform your living room from an outdated bore to modern luxuries galore! Even if you can’t afford the big TV or an electric fire, making sure you use interesting shapes and fresh colours will make the world of difference. Have fun redecorating!