Are you thinking about finally beginning the process of creating your dream living room?

Do you already have something in mind or are you looking for some inspiration? These tips will give you an insight into some of the themes you could consider.

Keep it classic

Classically decorated living rooms often involve a simple colour palette that matches a choice of accessories and cushions.

By painting walls and keeping flooring a certain colour, you can inject character into your room by choosing items that both compliment and stand out alongside your overall colour scheme.

Think about refined traditional furniture, pale hues, and jewellery-like accessories. For a more formal look, consider feminine Art Deco style pieces, fabrics like silk and velvet and luxe accent materials such as marble, glass and even metal.

Mid-Century modern

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The mid-century modern style has been a growing trend for some time, but it’s important to make sure you don’t go overboard with the midcentury aspect of the style and know the importance of creating an ideal balance between the two.

Midcentury furniture is characterised by clean, simple lines. These are often made from woods such as teak that will shine in a background of neutral colours and soft-hued fabrics.

With midcentury modern decor what you need to remember is ‘less is more.’ Go for subtle pieces that showcase fine craftsmanship as it is these that make this style timeless.

Go glam

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One of the big things that people go for when they’re looking for a glam-inspired living room is a lighting feature that shouts ‘look at me!’

Think about a unique floor lamp or a colourful, over the top chandelier. Another popular feature in glam rooms is wall mirrors that can add even more shimmer to your decor or even mirrored tables that pair perfectly with soft-hued furnishings.

Glam is a perfect option for those who want to combine a number of trends, as it mixes well with bohemian pieces and traditional furniture.


5 Great Ways To Decorate Your Living Room

The key to Scandi decor is simplicity. However, this doesn’t necessarily have to mean that it has to be boring or that it is an easy style to pull off.

When you’re looking for scandi-inspired pieces, remember that quality precedes quantity. This means that it’s a great option for smaller living areas.

By keeping colour to a minimum and adding curated decor with sleek, straight lines, you can create a tidy and inviting living room. Create visual contrasts by adding a darker hue that coexists nicely with lighter shades.

Bear in mind that if you’re struggling with creating your vision, an interior design company such as Kia Designs could help you out.


5 Great Ways To Decorate Your Living Room

Using colour in any room in the house can often be seen as a challenge, but it can instantly change the look and feel of the room.

Vibrant shades create a positive mood and can easily be paired with softer hues that create calm. Try creating a ‘feature wall’ with a bold block colour or wallpaper in a vibrant pattern that would otherwise be overwhelming if used on every wall.

Patterned sofas or armchairs can compliment your scheme, as can cushions, rugs, and throws. The key here is to make sure that whatever colours you choose they don’t contrast with one another too harshly.

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