Luxury and interior design go hand in hand.

Let’s be honest – for a lot of people interior design and architecture is a chance to show off their style, tastes and for some how affluent they are.

Luxury items can give your home a touch of class, add authenticity to a certain look: regal, technologically advanced, culturally in tuned, even young and on trend.

Plus, many find that the occasional luxury purchase can also be an enriching experience, from a flight around the world, to hot air balloon rides throughout the British countryside.

If you find that you’d like to have more experiences in life or add that wow factor to your home, then take a look at the following infographic from Oliver’s Travel’s to see which areas you could cut back in, and then have fun seeing which items you could afford to treat yourself to instead.

View the infographic in full below:


How to get more luxury for your money

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