Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all afford to by our own detached homes with a decent sized garden and put down roots where we could raise a family and be happy? For many people that is a reality, often it is through sheer hard work or, for some it is through inheritance or good luck.

Even those who now own beautiful homes didn’t start off with them. People often have to work up the ladder from the most basic accommodation and, step by step, move to more favourable surroundings.

This article is aimed at those who find themselves living in, or thinking about moving into a modern high rise apartment block. We are not going to frown on this accommodation as it is often within a town or city and highly desirable. There are obviously differences to living in a house, some are advantageous. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of living in a modern apartment.


1 – Owning your own property is a good feeling, but deep down we all find the maintenance to be a chore. Repairs to the home can prove quite expensive over the years. A rented apartment gives you peace of mind in knowing that any expensive repairs that may crop up are not your responsibility. A phone call to the landlord is your only job.

2 – There is no garden maintenance to worry about, so you have more time to do what you enjoy. There will be no more weekend hours lost mowing lawns or repairing fences.

3Low energy bills. Since there are people living above, below, and to the sides of you, your apartment will be well insulated. Maybe you can even switch your heating off and benefit from everyone else.


1 – Neighbours. If you are lucky and have well behaved neighbours, life will be a dream. If, however, even one apartment adjoining has party animals living there your life will be a living hell. If they pay their rent on time, the landlord may not be willing to take steps to remove them from the property. Bad neighbours often drive people to the doctors where they are put on medication for depression.

2 – No garden. Ok, there are no chores to do, but most people love to have a garden where they can sit in the sun and relax.

3 – Stairs. If the lift breaks, there could be an awful lot of stairs to climb to get home at the end of the working day when you are tired. It’s worth considering this if you are not a fit person.

4 – Many buildings don’t allow pets in them. If you are an animal lover, this could leave you feeling lonely when you have no cat or dog to sit with in the evenings.

5 – You may find that there is not enough room for your beautiful suite from Multi York. There’s nothing more frustrating than when your furniture doesn’t fit!

As you can see, there are many positive and negative points to consider. Maybe, if you do not intend to live there for long, the negative points will not be such a bother to you. Wherever you live you will be faced with all manner of pros and cons so living in an apartment is no different. Some people it will suit, and some not.