City life is cost prohibitive for many people, and London is a prime example. With a tiny flat costing around half a million pounds or more, it is not surprising that most of us can only dream of living there.

There is an unfair distribution of wealth in this country, and it would seem that the benefit caps are designed to rout poorer people from our fair capital, making way for higher property prices and more wealthy people.

If it is your wish to live in the busiest city in Britain, but don’t think you will be able to do it, you may find some information here that will open your eyes. By being smart you can get a foothold in one of the most exciting places in the world, here are a few ideas.

Accept The Limitations

You must accept that you will not be able to live in the most affluent areas, no matter how much you would like to. Think instead about finding a place in the suburbs where there are links to the London underground system. If you have a station nearby, you can get in and out of the center easily.

Share A rented Property

If you have friends with the same idea, why not share a house or flat? Yes, you will still need good jobs to meet the rent, but it is possible.

Buy A House Together

Some people choose to take out a joint mortgage and share ownership of a property. That idea is fraught with difficulties in my opinion, as you cannot get out of it easily when the friendship turns sour. Sometimes three or four people will hold a stake in the home which complicates things when you come to sell your share.

Take A Residential Job

Maybe you are looking for work, so if you take a residential job, it will kill two birds with one stone. Are you a good cook? Maybe your organization skills are second to none so the role of housekeeper will suit you perfectly. Even those with no skills or qualifications can get the job of a housemaid in a luxurious home. Childcare is always in great demand so you could qualify as a nanny and work somewhere else until you gain enough experience to apply for jobs in London, where they will only employ the best people because money is no object.

Live On A Boat

If you were to buy a boat and refurbish it to a high standard, you could moor it close to the city. The moorings will be expensive and probably in short supply, thanks to people like you seeking to take advantage of them, but you may get lucky. Think about sharing the cost of the moorings with someone else and let them stay on the boat with you, it will be easy to find a suitable lodger.

I hope I have demonstrated that it is difficult, but not impossible to gain a foothold on the capital, where your fortunes may improve. Try to think out of the box, as they say, and don’t discount any idea at first. You will eventually come up with a plan of action, but will you have the nerve to see it through? That is the real challenge.