Upgrading and refreshing your bathroom doesn’t have to cost the earth. Making some easy adjustments, upgrading features, or giving your bathroom a complete makeover can be done on a budget – all you need to do is continue to read!

1. Paint your way to an updated look

You may think that this is a fairly obvious point, but paint truly has the power to completely transform any rooms within your home, including bathrooms. Regardless of your individual style or vision, there’s a shade of paint available to bring colour and light into what is traditionally, a fairly neutral space. Before purchasing your shade, try to research and visualise which walls you’ll be painting, if you’ll be painting the ceiling and floors, you could even paint the tiles if you wish to do to so. 

There’s paint available to suit all budgets, however, it may be worth investing in a brand that offers paint specifically for bathrooms, especially if you have children or pets! Painting has the power to utterly update and transform your bathroom, giving it a modern feel for a fraction of the price.

2. Revamp your storage solutions

Storage solutions have had a major revamp over the last decade or so. Long gone are the days of dull, square, practical boxes – say hello to clever, colourful and stylish storage alternatives. Now the offering online is packed with premium brands such as Roca, Geberit, and Ideal Standard. Opting for a premium storage unit offers a longer-lasting, reliable addition to your bathroom. Not to mention the broad range of styles. 

Regardless of the shape or size of your bathroom, there are storage options available to you. Bathrooms can look cluttered very quickly, due to the sheer number of bottles and containers that we store within them, however, by purchasing a tall, narrow cabinet, vanity units or beautiful wicker baskets, you’re able to enjoy practicality as well as style and transformation.

3. Accessorise your bathroom

Accessories have the power to tie the feel and look of any room together, including a bathroom. The great thing about accessories is that you can have as many or as little as you like, and there’s plenty of affordable options out there. Plants can be a fantastic way to accessorise and bring life to your bathroom, bringing the outdoors, in. 

You could also purchase a toothbrush holder, a soap dispenser, or even a new towel rail, to really bring a practical edge and new feel to your bathroom. These accessories are easy to find at your local supermarket, online or even at the local budget shop.

4. Give the vision of space and light with a mirror

The power of the mirror should not be underestimated. We use a mirror every day to prepare ourselves for the day, to put on make-up and to fix our hair. But did you know that a mirror can give the perception of your bathroom being bigger than what it is, can reflect natural light, and can really tie the style of your bathroom together? 

Some modern mirrors come with extras, including shelves for storage or decoration, lights, a clock or even a Bluetooth connection for music. A mirror has the power to transform your bathroom and is a budget-friendly option to create atmosphere and space.

5. Update your flooring

New flooring seems like quite a drastic and expensive change to make, however, bathrooms are usually pretty small rooms and don’t require a great deal of upheaval. If you have carpet in your bathroom, why not opt for a bright tile or patterned vinyl alternative? As well as being more hygienic and very stylish, these are extremely affordable options and can be laid very quickly. If you do have some money left in the budget, you could even choose an underfloor heating option, giving you, even more, luxury and style.


Installing a brand new bathroom is an expensive and time-consuming process, but making these small changes, will provide a significant feel to not only your bathroom but the whole house. Purchasing key statement pieces, such as a mirror, towel rail or storage unit can utterly transform the style of your bathroom and will cost a fraction of the price of a complete redecoration. Make sure you do your research beforehand, shop around for budget-friendly, yet stylish accessories, and really think about how you would like your bathroom to look before starting the work.