Autumn 2017 Trend Watch:  Muted Colours

This autumn, ditch the bold, bright colours and sweet pastel tones that trended in the summer.  Instead, welcome soft neutrals and muted colours into your home.  The result is a warm, gentle and sophisticated colour palette.

If you’re redecorating your home this autumn and need a little inspiration, look no further!  Below we list plenty of tips to help you nail the trend:

Colours to use

It doesn’t matter if you’re a decorating novice or a want-to-be interior designer! Anybody can incorporate the muted colour scheme into their home.

Simplest method:  Start with a neutral colour scheme and pair it with just one muted shade from the list below:

Advanced method: Mixing and match two or more complementary shades from the list above throughout your room.  All of the muted colours listed above will work together to create a calm and cohesive space.

(Image above right:  soft grey, dusky pink and peach are paired together in the bedroom.  Via Loaf.com)

Where to use muted tones?

Muted tones work perfectly in any room. What about trying one of the following colour combinations in your home?

(Image above above:  The two glass lamps sit on a wooden table.  The muted green shades look fantastic against the warm brown wall.  Via notonthehighstreet.com).

Pair with lighter timbers

When it comes to choosing furniture, opt for blonde timbers, such as pine, beech or maple.  The golden timbers will add a touch of warmth to your room, plus they work well with muted colours.  Darker woods (like mahogany) will feel too heavy and overwhelm the space.

Layer up with luxurious fabrics

Battle those cold autumnal evenings with chunky knit blankets, a squishy, soft rug, beautifully plump pillows and thick velvety fabrics in coordinating muted shades.  Layer together to create a laid-back space, perfect for relaxing on an evening.

Add natural textured accessories

Natural textured elements work wonderfully with a muted palette.  Think ceramic jugs, stoneware vases, willow baskets, twisted rope mirrors and linen drum lamp shades.

(Image above:  The ceramic pots will add a touch of colour to any corner of your room.  Via notonthehighstreet.com).