Moving home as we all know can be an extremely stressful time.

Not only do you have to go through the rigmarole of finding a new home and mortgage, but you also have to rely on a lot of other people.

Even if you aren’t a complete control freak, it can be disconcerting letting other people take so much responsibility out of your hands. However, you have to let go if you want to get through the experience without developing high blood pressure!

Getting A New Mortgage

Before you even consider moving house, you need to look into appling for a new mortgage, unless you’re lucky enough to purchase your property outright. However there’s also the option of a moving home mortgage  where you can transfer ‘port’ your mortgage to a new property.

In these situations it’s best to check over the fine print of your present mortgage to see if the option to transfere your morgage is aready available. Otherwise contact an experienced mortgage adviser who can help you search out your best mortgage options and maximise the amount of loan that is available to you.

You’ll need to have a deposit ready too: even if you think you will get your asking price for your current home, there are no cast-iron guarantees. Make sure all of your finances are in place, plus a little extra. Then put it away into a savings account with a few extra pounds on top; just in case. Whatever you do, don’t touch it!

Finding The New Place

One of the biggest problems of moving home is timing. Sometimes you can be ready to sell, but the people whose house you are buying have hit on a stumbling block, and vice versa.

Make sure you keep the seller’s estate agent informed of what’s happening at your end. You can make these scenarios work for you, as well.

Let’s say that you are ready to sell and the person you are buying from needs to sell quickly. That could put you at an advantage over all the other buyers – even if your offer is lower.

Keeping On Top Of Your Lawyer

You will need a lawyer to go through the legal documentation for buying and selling your home. And, unfortunately, they can be a little slow to get things done for you, and will often put higher paying clients first.

However, if you give them a date for when you are moving, you can give them little reminders. Ask them if they can fill you in with how far they have got, and how long they will take to complete things at their end.

If you bug them enough, sometimes they might even speed up just so that they don’t have to field your calls every day of the week!

Making A Plan

Having a plan of action to work towards will give you a better chance of getting through the whole operation easily. Get everything in place long before your moving day and it will go smoothly.

Even if there are any minor disasters, you will be better placed to manage them with the right plan in place. Need some help? Then why not take a look at our moving day infographic? It’s a clear and concise timetable of the events you will need to be aware of.

We hope this has helped you develop some ideas of how you can get through the experience of buying and selling a home. Make sure you apply a good amount of pressure – without being unbearable – and you will find things pan out for you in a much faster and more efficient way.

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