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3 Non-Cosmetic Tips For A Home Makeover

3 Non-Cosmetic Tips For A Home Makeover - Image From

Whether it’s 60 Minute Makeover, DIY SOS, or the new reboot of Queer Eye, home makeover TV shows tend to concentrate on the aesthetic side of transforming a home—new carpets, new furniture, new colourful paint jobs. However, there’s much more to a home than its appearance.

That isn’t to say you need to rule out buying a new sofa, but a full home makeover should also address the non-cosmetic elements that can affect the value, security, and comfort of your home, even if these changes wouldn’t look as good on TV.

Improve your security system

3 Non-Cosmetic Tips For A Home Makeover - Image From

It’s no use bringing flashy new furnishings into your house if there’s a risk they might get stolen. Even if your home has never suffered a break-in, improving your security system is always important.

Different kinds of properties are better suited to different security measures. According to Banham, burglar alarms are particularly suited for flats, as communal entrances often lack effective security measures. Home CCTV is an increasingly popular measure for larger houses, especially thanks to the rise of smart home security systems that make use of the latest technology.

There are those who are sceptical as to whether home security will actually prevent theft—all CCTV does is record incidents, after all, and burglars may be able to flee the scene before the police respond to an alarm. But according to Safewise, burglars tend to avoid homes with security systems in the first place.

Yes, it’s important to buy the most effective security system you can afford, but no matter what kind of security you install, you’ll be making your home safer and more secure.

Install better insulation

3 Non-Cosmetic Tips For A Home Makeover - Image From Flickr - By Martin Pettitt
Image Source: © Flickr – By Martin Pettitt

It’s ironic that one of the most drastic improvements you can make to your home is one that is barely visible. Adding new, better insulation will keep your home warmer in the winter months without costing a penny beyond the initial installation.

If you don’t know what kind of insulation your house already has, you can find out by removing a power outlet and looking behind it. If your house already has any, you’ll find the insulation there. You should also check your attic, which may have insulation already exposed. Measure this insulation (if there is any) and determine what kind of material it is made of by using an online guide. (The US Department of Energy has a good one.)

Houses that were built in the 1970s usually only have 25mm of loft insulation. According to uSwitch, the ideal amount is over ten times that thickness—270mm. Adding more insulation, or switching to a better material, will not just make your house warmer and cosier, it’ll also save you a fortune on heating bills. You may not see the difference it makes, but you will certainly feel it.

Invest in smart home technology

3 Non-Cosmetic Tips For A Home Makeover - Image From
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First, our phones became smart. Now our homes can be, too! Purchasing a smart home assistant might have a small visual impact, but its main improvement to your home won’t be cosmetic. Thanks to the Internet of Things, you can control multiple household appliances with your mobile phone, or even just with simple voice commands.

To take just one smart home hub as an example, Google Home is compatible with dozens of devices, among them lighting systems, precision cookers, coffee makers, TVs, Bluetooth speakers and thermostats.

Turning your home into a smart home is perhaps the ultimate makeover. It completely changes the way you interact with your appliances. You can turn on and off your lighting or heating from afar, so it’s ready for your return.

You can start playing music, listening to the radio or watching TV without having to press any buttons. Your house will still look exactly the same from the inside, but it will feel completely different to live there. That, after all, is what a home makeover is all about.

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