Patchwork Power! Patchwork Sofas & Furniture

Patchwork is a unique and creative alternative to boring one colour designs.

Enjoy our collection of patchwork sofas and miscellaneous furniture.

Patchwork can create an awesome look, both vibrant and exciting – perfect for a centrepiece sofa you want to stand out!

Each different patchwork design can be different, making patchwork sofas a unique interior design item perfect for your living room.

Patchwork dining chairs

Patchwork pillow – amybutlerdesign.com

Patchwork pillow

Summerhouse Pillow by Katherine Codega

Patchwork chair/room – itemsbydesignbird

Patchwork Sofa – Fab.com

Patchwork sofa with Suzani fabrics – 3 seats – namedesignstudio

Patchwork room

Patchwork sofa – Squint

Patchwork frenzy – Fabricadabra’s Blog

Patchwork sofa with Suzani fabrics – namedesignstudio/Etsy

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