Carpets For The Home: Does Luxury Have To Be Hard Work?

When it comes to fashion in flooring, interior design has gone through an extended phase of focusing on the benefits of hard floors, such as those covered in hardwood, vinyl, and ceramic tiles.

However, new technology in carpet design and manufacturing means that great improvements are available in terms of carpet textures, durability, and style. So much so, that design experts are turning their attention once more toward the benefits of carpets and rugs for the home.

The look of luxury

There are many thousands of colors and styles available when it comes to choosing carpets. So, it’s easy to personalize home décor and adapt different styles for every room in the house, including bathrooms where carpets are becoming increasingly popular. Whether opting for neutral colors to provide a foundation for other design features or stronger, more vibrant patterns and hues, carpets can make a strong style statement in every space. They are also warmer and more comfortable underfoot than hard surfaces.

The benefits of carpets

As carpets retain warm air longer, they are beneficial for energy conservation and serve as effective soundproofing between upstairs and downstairs rooms. Carpet traps dust and pollen, so the air quality in the home is improved. Removing dust and pollen from carpets is quite easy with a vacuum cleaner. Wool carpets are the most expensive and look luxurious; however, quality alternatives have a mixture of wool and synthetic fibers and frankly look just as nice as the all-wool varieties.

Unfurnished apartment with carpet - Photo Urbane Apartments

Easy carpet maintenance

Some people worry about carpet maintenance, thinking it is hard work; however, modern carpets are manufactured in such a way to resist stains and reduce static, so they are less of a problem than in the past. Professional carpet cleaners advise that regular vacuuming will ensure carpets retain their good looks and comfort. Vacuum cleaners can be adjusted to clean using a brush that rotates, a beater bar, or suction only, depending on the type of carpet. Spills, spots, and stains should be attended to promptly for best results. Professional cleaning by an experienced company using contemporary cleaning techniques, such as Ottawa natural carpet cleaning, is recommended at least once per year and if the household contains smokers or pets, then cleaning every six months is probably a better option.

Pet preferences

Just like people, pets are more comfortable with carpets underfoot, and owners of dogs or cats will find carpets made from 100 percent polypropylene are ideal, as they have a dense, low pile that is easy to clean and maintain and is extremely stain-resistant. Nylon carpets are also good for those with pets and there are a number of stain removers and fresheners available to keep a carpet looking good and smelling great.

For comfort, style, and warmth, it is hard to beat a beautifully and tastefully carpeted home. Hardwood floors can be attractive but they cannot compete with an elegant, luxurious carpet when it comes to a fashionable foundation for home décor.